Conservativism and youth.

It’s not easy being a conservative. For years Western elites have embraced liberalism with gusto, whilst any young persons of a conservative disposition have found themselves sandwiched between the liberalism of fellow youths, and the Thatcherite instincts of older conservatives.

While both movements have their uses, both ignore older forms of conservativism that emphasised the important of the Anglican church in society and placed a greater importance on the nation state than internationalism. This conservativism was promoted by the great philosopher Roger Scruton before his untimely demise, but it has not yet reemerged into the public sphere.

It is my aim to support the Scrutonian movement by fleshing out a conservative philosophy that contains the best of the old and the new. Drawing on my experience of traditional Western culture, I aim to combine this with my knowledge of internet culture and other forms of new media.

Any financial donations to support me in my work will be greatly appreciated. You may find my Patreon page at: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=38092806&fan_landing=true

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